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High precision miniature bearing developed and produced by Tian Hong Bearing applies in aerospace, aviation, ships and warships, electronics, weaponry and civil medication etc. Its R&D and production capability are mainly reflected in following aspects: 
Solid lubrication bearing used under high temperature or high vacuum etc.: Tian Hong Bearing possesses obvious technical advantage, i.e. complete set of mature solid lubricant applying technology and equipment as well as related patent right; 
Coupling bearing applied on gyro motor etc.: a specialty of Tian Hong Bearing, mainly produced by Tian Hong itself, applied complimentarily on coupling bearings for military equipment currently. Tian Hong Bearing owns manufacturing expertise on complete set of bearings as well as independent invention patent as its technical support. The Company plays a leading role both at home and abroad regardless in view of quality, variety or production output; 
Thin wall paired bearing applied on gyro-platform and missile seeker: also a specialty of Tian Hong Bearing. The Company owns series of critical technology from design, fabrication to testing of paired bearings, has the capability to batch produce thinnest and lightest paired bearings in China, occupying 70% plus military market share of paired miniature bearings currently.
R144 series high speed dental drill bearing developed by Tian Hong Bearing with RPM 350,000 to 450,000: with 50 more models, covering 95% and above varieties and specifications of this product abroad; 
ZSH series piston ring, a key complimentary part developed and produced by Tian Hong Bearing for inclined axis piston pump/motor: with 50 more varieties and specifications satisfying requirements on complimentary parts of different main frames. ZSH series piston ring production process and quality of Tian Hong Bearing takes the leading position at home and abroad currently, occupying over 95% of the domestic market. Not only replaces imported ones, but also exports some parts of certain specifications.  
Production scale: Production and operation site of Tian Hong Bearing is located at 4399 Yindu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, with convenient traffic condition and advantageous geographic location. The plant has used a floor space of 2465 square meters with two stories for production and office area, of which main production area of first floor consists of turning, grinding, machining, metrological testing and assembly zone with 200 plus pieces of production equipment, and office area mainly arranged on second floor. 
The Company is currently able to produce 300 above various military miniature bearings with annual capacity of 300,000 plus sets, 50 varieties more high speed dental drill bearings with annual capacity of 2.4 million plus sets, and 50 varieties more piston rings with annual capacity of 4 million plus pieces. 
Application: Bearing products developed and produced by Tian Hong Bearing are applied to key military engineering weaponries for aerospace, aviation, ships and warships, military arms etc. Their technical property, practical quality and processing level takes a leading position in China. The Company has established complimentary support relation with 30 more military enterprises such as Aerospace No. 803 Institute, Aerospace No. 33 Institute and Aviation No. 618 Institute etc. for a long term. Tian Hong Bearing solely supplied complimentary high precision, large hole, thin wall paired bearing to the key position markers of certain model produced by Aerospace No. 803 Institute under Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology (or Shanghai No. 8 Aerospace Academy).  Civil products manufactured by Tian Hong Bearing mainly include R144 series high speed dental drill bearing complimentary to high speed turbine dental handset of medical instrument industry, and ZSH series piston ring complimentary to inclined axis piston pump/motor. Production process and quality of these products currently take a leading position in the domestic market.




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